Friday, May 29, 2015


There are a lot of scenarios wherein we need to identify the type of HASH before we want to see whether it is crackable or not.

There is an awesome utility which is provided in our KALI LINUX  called as HASH IDENTIFIER..

This is a very simple tool to use.

It asks you the HASH you want to identify and gives the results on the fly:):)

Below is how it looks. Really Cool right ;)

Once it is on you can enter the HASH you want to anlayse.

It also gives the probable HASH types in case of any probable matches.


Oh wait, what are you going to do once you have identified your HASH.

Post getting the HASH. The next most probable thing you can do is try Cracking it. :D :D

oCLhashcat is one of the very good tool which utilizes the computing power of your GPU and is really fast.

The following syntax can be used to crack the HASH.

oclHashcat -m <hash type><hash list> <word list> -o <found list>

Let me give a little details on the options switches (Details can be found out on

-m is the type of hash. You can go through the details on

Next enter the name and the path of the file containing the hashes: say example.hash

Next is you have to choose the path where the word-list is present. say for me it is /usr/local/code/wordlist/rockyou.txt or if you are using windows I will say use GUI ;)

-o is used to store the recovered value in a separate file say FOUND.txt

In my next blog we will see more of pswd cracking tools or may be continuation of this ;)

Happy Cracking :):)

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