Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Creating a Bootable USB Device

In penetration testing there are scenarios where you will require a boot-able device for testing purpose where it is not possible to install anything.

In this tutorial we will see on how to create a Bootable USB Device having Backtrack as the operating system.

We will use the famous UNetbootin too for this tutorial. This tool is widely used as it allows us to create bootable USB drives for Windows and Linux distros very easily. Its GUI is very easy and we can do it in few steps.

UNetbootin uses the ISO file from your hard drive and also has the feature to download the required files or distribution.

We can download the same from the link
Once you have downloaded the software we are ready to make our bootable drive.

Follow the steps:

Start UNetbooin..

Fig:Overview unetbootin

Configure the utility by select the “diskimage” option and select your Backtrack 5 ISO.
You have to select your USB Drive now and then click “OK”.

Fig: Configuring the unetbootin utility

**Note: You have to keep one thing in mind that this will format your USB Drive

Post this select OK and the utility do its work. It will take hardly 10 min and your USB will be ready.

Fig: During installation

Fig: It is all set to go ahead.:)

Now you should be able to boot off of your USB Drive with Backtrack 5.

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