Friday, September 8, 2017

When there is nobody Talking To You (TTY)- POST EXPLOITATION

Now this is also a very critical place where we see a lot of challenges. One of them is getting an interactive shell on the compromised box but unable to run su or login.

Recently i was in the same place and thanks to the Pentesting-Monkey who has an awesome blog for this one here 

If you have python installed, we all know about the famous pty.spwan TTY 

python -c ‘import pty; pty.spawn(“/bin/sh”)’

but there are situations where PYTHON is not installed. 

In such situations when nobody TTY, one should try and start EXPECT in the first place ;)


sh-3.2$ expect sh.exp
spawn sh
sh-3.2$ su -
localhost ~ #

Special Thanks to Mr Pen Test Monkey as always :)

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