Monday, February 20, 2017

HTTP HEADER Analysis via getheader utility..

I love this one in my arsenal. You can get more details HERE

The tool is given to us by Mr Nathan (@httphacker) .


It is a cool python script. Oh did i say PYTHON. Ah man i love this snakey language.
  • It is a HTTP header analysis vulnerability tool. 
  • It is automated in nature
  • It identifies security Vulnerabilities
  • It identifies lack of protection in HTTP headers
Okay so lets do some command exercise...

To download just clone it from git repository as below:

git clone

Make sure you have Python installed.

You will see a file called as Now it is as easy to run any python program which is 

python http://<URL>

Lets see how the results look like. I have done a couple of them here as shown in screen shots:

This is such a cool tool. The source code is at your use and you can play around with it as per your requirements. You can add or edit or delete and make appropriate use of the same as per your need. :):)

Unfortunately there has no more work done after the 0.1 version. I am waiting eagerly for its upgraded features for sure. Are you  ?

Let me know via comments if you guys made any changes to find any new issues or vulnerabilities.


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