Monday, July 20, 2015

Lets do some ettercapping..

This is a famous tool for performing MITM attacks.

I am sure you all would have used it. Probably later sometime we will look into various aspect of using it.

I faced some issues while using it so thought of writing a blog on troubleshooting steps.

Before running it the first time there are a couple of configurations that we have to perform so that we do not false any issues while using it.

It comes pre-installed in KALI..

To run the ettercap with root privileges, Hunt for the lines which are under [priv] section. Set the values for ec_uid and ec_gid as '0'
Next is setting up the IPTABLES firewall rules (only if you or the network you are testing is using one) which help us to redirect the traffic. For this scroll down to the section where it says "LINUX" and uncomment the following lines. See image for reference.

I cannot escape thanking Georgia Weidman (i mean her book)who was the one who helped me sort out my issues ;)

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