Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wow....Here it is another release of the beta version of ELEMENTARY OS."OS FREYA".

It is an open source and its licensing model is based on GNU, GPL, LGPL and on various other free software license.(Visit the official website for more details)and has a monolithic Kernel.

It is based on UBUNTU and uses its own shell named PANTHEON.

The version which have come out till date are 0.1 JUPITER, 0.2 Luna, 0.3 Freya (beta) and the next one is supposed to be named as 0.4 LOKI. * (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elementary_OS)

The developers have considered giving the taste of nearly all operating system and making the distro a lot  USER FRIENDLY. To name it has a taste of GNOME,some form of windows, Xffce and not to mention the super OS X and Chrome. No doubt they have taken the blend of GUI very seriously and have delivered an extra ordinary look and feel to the end user.

Though it has got a lot of criticism of its GUI and user interface as being very much similar to OS X , but at the same time appreciation was at its door from the Linux community for the hard work.

You can download the same here.(https://beta.elementary.io/) Not to mention that as it is still in beta version, more surprises are on its way..

The most intelligent thing that these guys did was using the UBUNTU as their base through which they inherited the legacy that Ubuntu has carried all its way.This also gives access to the end user the huge repositories and packages of UBUNTU

Along came the famous and user friendly UBUNTU SOFTWARE CENTER.NO doubt this also gives a lot of space for different software components of its own as well like, PLANK, MIDORI the web browser, MAYA, SWITCHBOARD etc.

You can say that FREYA has come up by inculcating best of all the recipes present in every operating system, right from the OS X dock, to the GNOME shell to the CHROME OS menu part to using UBUNTU  SOFTWARE Center.

I would say on my personal opinion , it was one of the best LINUX experience that i had till date.

Note : Regular users would require to tweak some of the part of Freya as in there are a couple of things that can make u go mad. For e.g Trying to find a minimize button to an open window(Keep searching as there is none), Single click to open any application or an explorer window.

As a surprise there is a cool Elementary Tweak tool pack from which you can perform some really some cool things that can come handy to handle your madness;)

And to be true this customization thing has no limits so i will leave it up to you to build your own Freya. Do share if you want to on what you built..

Let me know your comments and experience if you used it.

Do support the developers of such an amazing project. Visit https://beta.elementary.io/ for more information. :):)

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